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On this page, we list questions/topics that should turn into pages in the wiki. The more detailed the entry, the easier it will be to start the page. Once an item has been addressed, please add some text stating where it has been addressed (but note, this should hopefully be obvious).

  • What are some of the motivations for using HMMs which output symbols during the transition from one state to the next state, rather than those which output symbols while in the current state?
  • What is a causal state, and how do they relate to thermodynamic microstates and macrostates?
  • There are a whole host of complexity measures. What makes the statistical complexity, <latex>C_{\mu}</latex>, an interesting one?
  • Is it possible to 'reverse engineer' computational mechanics? E.g. Can we construct a process that has <latex> C_\mu = x </latex> for any <latex> x </latex>?
  • How does computational mechanics address non-stationary processes or processes for which the support is not a regular language?
  • What if a process has an infinite number of equivalence classes of pasts <latex> \overleftarrow{x} </latex> with distinct probability distributions over futures <latex> \overrightarrow{x} </latex>? What 'is' an epsilon machine with an infinite number of (recurrent) states? What do we know about them?
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