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Questions about Inference:
What does "inference" mean in the context of computational mechanics?

Computational Mechanics provides a precise theory of how natural processes can be represented in an “optimal way”, i.e. as an epsilon machine. “Optimal” here means as “compact” as possible and as “exact” as possible. “Compactness” is measured as FIXME and “exactness” is measured as FIXME. Naturally, you might ask: Why are these measures of an “optimal” representation? FIXME

Inference then encompasses the actually formidable task of actually finding such an optimal representation, which is all but trivial.

How to find causal states ?

How much data is needed to determine the causal states? The optimality theorems for causal states hold for infinite histories and infinite futures - do we really need this? What can we prove about finite histories and finite futures?

What makes this "inference" hard?
Why may make this inference easy?
Methods of inference
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