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2015 Publications

Mackey, Tyler J., Dawn Y. Sumner, Ian Hawes, Anne D. Jungblut, and Dale T. Andersen. “Modern branched columnar stromatolites in Lake Joyce, Antarctica,” Geobiology, v.13, 2015, p. 373. doi:DOI: 10.1111/gbi.12138 

Meeting presentations and abstracts

Christianson, D.S., J. Harte, C.G. Kaufman, and L.M. Kueppers (2015). Microclimate influences on red fir seedlings in the Sierra Nevada. Ecological Society of America Annual Meeting. Baltimore, MD.

Billen, Magali I., and John Z. Bikoba (2015). Deformation of the Tonga Slab: Evidence for Interaction with a small-scale secondary plume in the transition zone, Abstract DI21B-05. American Geophysical Union. San Francisco.

Mackey, Tyler, Sasha Leidman, Brian Allen, Ian Hawes, Justin Lawrence, Anne Jungblut, Megan Krusor, Lucy Coleman, and Dawn Sumner (2015). Characterizing Microbial Mat Morphology with Structure from Motion Techniques in Ice-Covered Lake Joyce, McMurdo Dry Valleys, Antarctica, Abstract C41D-0726. AGU Fall Meeting. San Francisco, CA.

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