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3DVisualizer Visualization Elements


A slice is a planar surface cutting through a data set’s domain, color-mapped by an arbitrary scalar variable.


An isosurface is a surface connecting all points in a data set’s domain that have identical values of an arbitrary scalar variable.

Volume Renderer

A volume renderer visualizes an arbitrary scalar variable over the entire domain of a data set, by drawing the domain filled with a semi-transparent color-mapped material. Caution: volume rendering requires a decent graphics card and driver. If your graphics card/driver does not have the required support 3DVisualizer will crash when you try to use volume rendering.

Arrow Rake

An arrow rake is a local regular 2D grid of arrows, whose directions and lengths visualize an arbitrary vector variable at the vertices of the 2D grid. The arrow rake can be generated at any arbitrary location in the data set’s domain.


A streamline follows the path of a massless particle that is advected through the data set’s domain by an arbitrary vector variable.

Streamline Bundle

A streamline bundle is a set of related streamlines that originated from a small circle.

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