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Install VRUI. Download the 3DVisualizer-*.*.tar.gz file to ~/src/ Then, in a terminal window:

% cd src 
% tar xfz /download /path /3DVisualizer-1.0.tar.gz 
% cd 3DVisualizer-#.# 
% make 

Note #1: If Vrui is not in the path “$HOME/Vrui-1.0”, then, before you make 3D Visualizer, edit the makefile for 3D Visualizer to take into account the new Vrui install directory. For example, open the makefile located in ∼/src/3DVisualizer-1.0 and change the VRUIDIR parameter from VRUIDIR = $HOME/Vrui-1.0 to directory you chose to install the Vrui executable files. Save and close the makefile. Then execute the make command.

Note #2: By default, the 3D Visualizer lib and bin folders are installed within the ∼/src/3DVisualizer-1.0/ directory. To install these executables in a different directory, edit the makefile for 3D Visualizer. For example, open the makefile located in ∼/src/3DVisualizer-1.0 and change the INSTALLDIR parameter from: INSTALLDIR = $(shell pwd) to a directory that is in your path, such as: INSTALLDIR = $HOME/Mybin /ExternalSoftware / Save and close the makefile. Then, in addition to entering the make command in the instructions above, also enter:

% make install 

This will put 3 folders (named bin, lib, and share) within the install directory you specified.

The 3DVisualizer executable file is located in the bin folder. Therefore for this example, the explicit path to the 3DVisualizer executable file is: $HOME/Mybin/ExternalSoftware/bin/3DVisualizer

Note #3: Do not move the 3DVisualizer bin, lib, or share directories after you install 3DVisualizer.

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