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General Care Infomation

The CAVE walls are thin flexible projection screens and are very sensitive. Additionally, since they cannot be cleaned, it is imperative that they never be touched or bumped into. Users are advised to be careful when walking inside the CAVE, especially when stepping backwards (to avoid backing into a screen). The CAVE floor is made from a material strong enough to walk on, but to protect the image quality of the floor protection, always take off your shoes or wear the overshoe booties provided in the CAVE room before stepping into the CAVE.

The CAVE wand and the head tracker/stereo glasses are very sensitive. They must be handled carefully and never be dropped. The stereo glasses run on their own batteries independent from the head tracker. To preserve battery life, the glasses' ear pieces should be folded in when the glasses are not in use (there is a power switch between the right earpiece and the frame that turns the glasses on as soon as they are unfolded).

The CAVE wand and the head tracker have their own rechargeable batteries. To recharge them, they have to be plugged into one of the charge power adapters on the workstation table. The charge connector on the CAVE wand is next to the power switch, the charge connector on the head tracker is on the belt clip case next to the cable going to the head tracker. The charging LEDs next to the power connectors light up until the batteries are fully recharged.

The CAVE structure is stable, but the projector mounts are sensitive and carefully aligned with the screens and must never be touched or leaned on. The mirrors and projector lenses cannot be cleaned or dusted, and must never be touched. It is best to stay away from the structures around the CAVE entirely.

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