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The CAVE is located in room 3353 of the Earth and Physical Sciences building. The room can be phoned at 754-5359.

To Schedule Time:

  1. Log in as (standard password).  If you have a Google account , you can select each of the calendars and share them with your Google account.  Give yourself edit access.  Then you can log onto your own Google calendar to see the CAVES calendar and edit events.
  2. Create an event in the appropriate sub calendar.  You can reserve the CAVE only, the cavemac only, the entire room, or post a CAVE-related even that occurs in a separate room.


  1. Only reserve time that you will actually use.
  2. Show up at the beginning of your reserved time.  If your plans change, please adjust your reservation as soon as you can.  This is critically important when we have successive users of the CAVES scheduled.  If I finish using the CAVES at 3 and someone is scheduled to start using the CAVES at 3, I do not want to shut off the projectors.  However, if they don't show up, I have no way to know if they are just 10 minutes late or aren't coming for an hour (or ever).  If you are unexpectedly delayed, contact the person scheduled to use the CAVE before you to let them know your circumstances. The phone number in the CAVE room is 754-5359.
  3. Reserve your time with the appropriate sub-calendar so that others can use CAVES resources effectively
  4. Change your reservation on the calendar to reflect the time used.  We would like to get an estimate of CAVES use, and we would greatly appreciate it if we could use the calendar.  Thus, please update your elapsed time for CAVE use when you finish.
  5. Reservations need to be respected.  Please do not ask users who have reserved CAVES resources to let you use their time unless it is really critically important or you can ask well in advance.  

Items to Include For Use Tracking

We are documenting use of the CAVES, including the number of hours used for different purposes and the types of users. Thus, for every use of the CAVES, please include the following information:

  • Names of all participants in the CAVES session except for large groups or guests
  • If not all participants are named, please give the number of the following participants:
    • K-12
    • Undergraduate Students
    • Graduate Students & Post Docs
    • Faculty/Researchers
    • Industry Experts
    • Other
  • Purpose of CAVES session:
    • Scientific Research
    • Social Science/Humanities Research
    • Software Development
    • Demonstration
    • Education
    • Outreach
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