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Shared Areas


All user shared data is under /home/shared, also accessible on the command line as ~shared, or from the desktop as CAVE Shared in your Places menu or your file window sidebar.

  • Data: For all your input data, subdivided by type.
  • Projects: For your output data that you want to share among your project members. Just create a directory with a name indicating the project.
  • VruiConfig: Vrui configuration file fragments for various common use-cases, e.g. filming.
  • Demos: Some double-clickable demos. Feel free to add your own.


Development software is installed under:


For example, you can find Vrui 2.3 under:


If you are a developer, (i.e. of group developers; ask Braden for access) you can install software in /usr/local/opt. You can then run the command:


If your executables are located either in a bin directory under your software directory, or directly under your software directory, then they will be made available to everyone (by being linked into /usr/local/bin).

In order to allow multiple versions of software executables to coexist, by default all executables will be tagged with the software version, or the software's name if no version is supplied. To specify which version is the “current” version, and thus untagged, specify it in:


and re-run:

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