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CAVE Status


As of April 13, 2018, two projectors are currently not operating properly.

A projector error message current displays on the floor projection (lower right); however it does not interfere with operations.


Back Wall Down (Resolved)

8/2013: A new power supply ballast was installed on the back wall projector; it is now operational again.

Mechdyne Engineer recommends changing projector filters regularly.

Right wall down (Resolved)

8/2012: The right wall is not working. On its LCD the projector reports error code 89, which according to the manual translates to a “Green modular Formatter communication failure” error.

Wireless wand is back

8/12: The wireless wand is back in use.

Wireless Head Tracker Is Back


The wireless head tracker is back from repair, and is once again in use.

The wired wand is still in use, it lives on the chair to the left of the CAVE. The wireless wand's leftmost button is finicky, so it is taking a break.

Wired Wand In Use

As of 11/10:

The wireless head tracker has been sent in for repair, and hopefully should return within the next couple weeks.

Currently the wired head tracker is being used. It lives on the chair to the left of the CAVE. Please be careful with the wire! And straighten out any twists when you are done using it.

As of 12/30:

The wired wand is in use. It also lives on the chair to the left of the CAVE. Please be careful with the wire, particularly since the glasses are also wired. Please leave the wires untangled and free of twists.

Input Devices

November 2011: The wireless wand's leftmost button is getting weak. You'll need to press extra firmly to get it to work. Some point soon it will be replaced with a wired wand while the wireless wand goes in for repair.

Stereo Problem

On 9/2/2011, after a system reboot, stereo was misbehaving on the left and back walls.

On 9/9/2011, it was found that the left and back projectors had their current channel locked, which apparently prevented them for entering the stereo mode. Unlocking the channel resolved the issue.

Right Wall Projector

As of June 2011:

The right wall projector in the CAVE is slowly failing. If it starts making strange colors, please feel free to send a note to the list just so we can keep track, but otherwise there isn't much you can do.

However, it doesn't hurt anything to use the CAVE while the projector freaks out, so if it doesn't affect you to an unworkable degree, please feel free to keep working.

After a visit by Mechdyne and some tweaking, it seems to be behaving again.

CAVE System Upgrade

CAVE had been upgraded and is now being administered by Braden Pellett.

If you haven't used it yet in the new year, you should ask Braden along to show you any differences from your previous workflow.

You can contact him at

You might also review the “troubleshooting” and “collaborative areas” pages.


New bulbs have been installed as of Tuesday, March 22.

Let Braden and/or the help list know if you run into any issues.

New Tracking Devices

If you haven't used the new tracking devices yet, please see the instructions.

The cord connecting the goggle tracking device is somewhat fragile; use care to avoid disconnecting it.


Both Minicaves are working and calibrated.

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