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KeckCAVES Extra

This page is the temporary hub for developing several new experimental Cave applications. Feel free to post ideas, interest in projects, status updates, or tasty recipes.

Potential Projects

  • Ping Pong – explores latency issues, sound, particle systems, collaborative use, tacticle feedback (Wiimote), physics engines. Interested: Sean, Tony
    • Physics Engines: Bullet, Chipmunk.
      • Chipmunk demos ported to Vrui (Sean).
      • Basic ping pong app coded using Bullet (Sean) ← Can we have the source code to this? Also it would be good to have a version control repository for these things. I could ask to see if I can get Terri to set one up for me on the IDAV server
  • Bringing OpenAL up to speed. Interested: Sean.
  • Demo using Neurofeedback input.
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