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Configuration File Changes From a Fresh Vrui Install

1. Figure out your system's name.

The output of the following command is the host name, which needs to be the new section name in Vrui.cfg and VRDevices.cfg

  • echo $HOSTNAME
    > minicave

2. In VRDevices.cfg

A. Search for 3DTV

to find section 3DTV

B. Replace 3DTV with host name

minicave in our case. If host name has “.” in it, the section name has to be in quotes

C. In section VRPN1

1. Set serverName

to the name of computer running OpticTrack ( DO NOT use quotes even though “.” are present.

2. Set senderNames

to the names of the rigid bodies from OptiTrack (Head, Wiimote)

3. Enter results of AlignTrackingMarkers

into trackerPostTransformation0 (Head) and trackerPostTransformation1 (Wiimote)

4. Change section Wand to section Wiimote

if you called the input device Wiimote rather than a Wand in OptiTrack.

5. Enter results from ScreenCalibrator in section Calibrator

D. Enter Bluetooth ID of Wiimote

in section Wiimote1 … deviceName “<ID>” The ID has to be in quotes because “:” are present.

  • Look for instructions for reading the ID elsewhere - there are tools available.

2. In Vrui.cfg

A. Search for 3dtv

B. Replace 3dtv.<stuff>

in section “3dtv.<stuff>” with host name (minicave)

C. In section <host name>

1. Set displayCenter (x,y,z) << (0, 0, 50) in inches

2. Set displaySize (r) << (30) in inches

3. Set screenProtectors ( ("Wand"... ) ) << replace "Wand" with "Wiimote"

if you called your Wiimote, “Wiimote”

4. In section DeviceDaemonAdaptor

a. Set serverName <host name>

It was 3dtv and should be your host name (minicave)

b. For each input device, Set inputDeviceNames

There should be one inputDeviceNames section for each input device, e.g. one for Head (called Head) and one for the Wiimote (called Wiimote). Change both the name after “inputDeviceNames” and after “name” in the following line.

5. In section Viewer

Change eye positions and headLightPosition

You need to adjust monoscopic- and stereoscopic-mode eye-location offsets—downward and backward offsets from the origin one the glasses' antler location. This makes a noticeable difference and, in principle, would be set for each user.

Eye positions - measure where your eyes are in relationship to the origin on the glasses. Mono is between the two eyes (z = -1.75 inch (down), y = -0.5 inch (back), x = 0). The half average eye distance is 1.25 inches, so adjust x for the right and left eye positions.

Section Vrui
  Section Viewer
    monoEyePosition (0, -0.5, -1.75)
    rightEyePosition (1.25, -0.5, -1.75)
    leftEyePosition (-1.25, -0.5, -1.75)
    headLightPosition (0, -0.5, -1.75)

6. In section Screen

Paste in results from ScreenCalibrator. See Produce Configuration File Data in Calibration Instructions

7. In section Window

Check that the value for display matches the number of the 3D TV display set by the driving computer. Oliver recommends that 3D TV is the second screen for the computer and has the number :0.1 If Vrui shows up on the wrong screen, change this number in the config file or on the driving computer. (see X Windows Configuration)

8. Go to very end of Vrui.cfg

The last 3 sections are tool assignments for the wand, and they have deviceName0 all set to Wand, change to Wiimote if that's what you called the input device. Then you have the default navigation tools preassigned.

Files to save for backup:

On Linux computer:

  1. Vrui.cfg
  2. VRDevices.cfg

On OptiTrack computer:

  2. Head *.rdef file
  3. Wiimote *.rdef file
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