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Configuration Files in the CAVES

Instructions for Vrui-1.0

The configuration file used for applications that run on the CAVE have to have the proper hardware descriptions. For example, if there is only one wand present and your configuration file list two wands from the time when we did have two, you will get an error like this:

InputDeviceManager: Ignoring input device adapter CAVEAdapter due to
exception InputDeviceAdapterIndexMap: Tracker index out of valid range
Caught exception InputDeviceManager: No valid input device adapters found;
I refuse to work under conditions like these! while initializing Vrui state

To fix these errors, you need to edit Vrui.cfg so that it contains the correct reference to the head tracker and wand tracker. Under usual conditions, you should just have “wand” and “head”, but you might have “wand2” and “head2” if you were using the program when the wired wand was present. “Head2” still exists and is used for filming, so you don't have to delete that. However, Oliver says that you shouldn't refer to it.

One issue is figuring out which Vrui.cfg your compiled application is referring to. For a quick fix, you can make a copy of a complete, corrected Vrui.cfg and use -mergeConfig <path><config file name> on the command line to start the application.

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