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The ConfigVislet Vislet

ConfigVislet is responsible for managing reconfiguration and relaunching. Assuming that you are running in an environment established by VruiConfigDriver, you can at any time display the ConfigVislet Dialog (image below) by going to the Vrui System menu, Vislets submenu, and enabling ConfigVislet there. The ConfigVislet will be automatically enabled if you specify it on the command line followed by the keyword active as in this example:

  VruiConfigDriver VruiConfig -vislet ConfigVislet active

By interacting with the ConfigVislet Dialog, you can quit Vrui altogether, or you can restart with a new configuration and/or program. You can also save the current configuration for later.

When selecting a new configuration, you choose a single configuration from the Next configuration (either *CURRENT* for the current configuration or a different configuration from the list) and zero or more configuration fragments from the Additional fragments selector. The configuration will take effect after you press Restart.

See Appendix 1 for a description of how configurations and fragments are merged into a new configuration file.

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