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The Crusta software allows real-time visualization of different resolution topographic and imagery data.

Please see documentation on the KeckCAVES website.

Running Crusta with Slicing functionality on Wizard (3D Computer) in Rivers Lab (EPS 2119):

   crusta-slicing-desktop '/path-to-data/combined_all' '/path-to-data/BlueMarbleLowColor.globeFile' -mergeConfg ./mono.cfg//

To activate the slicer tool you need to assign the tool to a number key (use a number between 3 and 9). For example, to assign slicer to the 4-key:

  • press and hold down the 4-key.
  • On the menu that pops up, navigate with the mouse to “Crusta tool,” then to “Slicer tool.”
  • Now release the 4-key (NOTE: You do not need to press any mouse buttons, just use the mouse to control location).

The slicer tool menu should appear on the screen. From now on, pressing the 4-key will drop fault nodes (as white/green X's) wherever your mouse cursor is placed on the screen.

To adjust a fault node:

  • Hover your mouse cursor over the node you wish to move until the node turns from white to green.
  • Once the node is green, press and hold 4-key
  • Adjust the node using the mouse accordingly (again, just use mouse to move the location of the node)
  • Release 4-key when you are satisfied with its revised location.

Control fault dip and offsets in the dialog window.

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