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Customizing Your CAVES Experience

Many environmental values for applications within the CAVE (and on other systems running Vrui) can be modified for a custom visualization environment. Some of these include:

  • Background color
  • Mono vs stereo rendering, including anaglyph stereo on desktops/laptops
  • Eye positions relative to the tracker on the glasses
  • Tracked or non-tracked stereo
  • Run a vislet, a small extra program, with your application

Oliver says that VRUI is “ridiculously configurable”. Thus, you can do more than you probably want to. However, navigating the configuration files also take patience and attention to detail. Vislets are more straightforward, but they also do different things.

Configuration Files set up most of the environment for Vrui in the CAVE and on other systems.

Vislets are programs that run in conjunction with the main Vrui application. They are included in the command line that starts the application.

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