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Demos of the CAVES

Demos of the CAVES are available as scheduling allows. Please contact Braden Pellett ( or Dawn Sumner ( to schedule one.

If you wish to demo the CAVES to an important person or a group, please contact Braden to make sure that the equipment is properly working. Braden can try to be available at the beginning of any demonstrations to provide help if necessary. Also, review the Troubleshooting section beforehand.

Various scripts for running some of the basic Demos are in /export/1/Demos

Also see the starting_a_vr_application page for examples on how to run software from the command line.

ShowEarthModel is a good place to start. After showing basic navigation, one can make the surface of the earth transparent and show the earthquakes. Once visitors have a sense of size versus distance, the KeckCAVES logo can be removed using the main menu (second button), going to VRUI systemVislets. The floor will drop away.

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