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How to Make a Quick VRUI Movie

Dawn installed and licensed a screen capture program on the CaveMac in Room 80. Oliver installed 3DVisualizer. Other VRUI programs can also be installed (4/23/09).

To activate 3DVisualizer in your account, in a terminal window, type:

''export PATH=/usr/local/VruiApplications/bin:$PATH''

and run 3DVisualizer by typing

''3DVisualizer <arguments, e.g. -class ImageStack location of data>''
To Record Your Screen Actions

1. Start the program called ScreenFlow. It's a normal application in the Applications folder. It records everything that happens on your computer screen.

2. Hit the red button on the ScreenFlow screen or go up to the little camera outline on the very top menu bar and choose “Record”.

3. It gives a 5 second count down. Then manipulate things as you wish. When done, go to the little camera outline and choose “Stop”.

4. ScreenFlow shows your recording. You can crop the image by clicking on a button with two squares on the right side of the screen. You can do other edits. Then go to File → Export and export the movie. You can then do additional crops etc. in another video editing program.

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