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NetVR is a program for visualizing networks in VR systems.

Source Code

The source code is stored in a subversion repository at Anonymous read access is allowed.

The source code can be browsed on the web at

To request write access to the repository, please contact Braden (


NetVR must be compiled from the source, and the procedure for doing this is generally the same across operating systems. However, some details do vary across the operation systems.

Open Issues

  1. At the time of writing, the latest version of NetVR was revision 5. When launching bin/caveapp and after opening an XML file, the program crashes. More information can be found here, along with possible workarounds.
  2. Crashing on certain platforms, notably Linux. Some combination of optimization flags and debug flags is involved. Initializing all data members of the Node class to NULL resolved this issue on Mac OS.
  3. Requires the DesktopTools/ToolBox section added to Vrui.cfg, similar to DTS. For reference, see the Vrui.cfg file bundled with DTS. If the section is not present, the caveapp binary will simply exit after startup without any output.
  4. The data/new directory should probably not be mixed in with the actual data as it contains python scrips and some unprocessed data. Remove or archive somewhere?

Closed Issues

  1. ifeq "$(SYSTEM_NAME)" "Darwin"

    was in Makefile. Removed -D_DISAMB_EXPAT_H or it will try to include /usr/local/include/expat.h which is not the default location in MacOS.

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