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Potential CAVES Projects

LiDAR Viewer

  • Toggle in/out vegetation
  • Use of Windmills for correlation
  • Earthquake fault analysis (Scott Bishop)

Earthquake Viewer

  • Extract earthquake query functionality from the earthquake viewer and put it into other modules, specifically the terrain viewer and fault editor. Equivalent to making the earthquake viewer a vislet (talk to Louise Kellogg; Oliver Kreylos). Need to deal with different coordinate systems, but Oliver has done the basic work on this.

Terrain Viewer?

  • Subdivision surface wavelets for semiregular quadralateral meshes of a sphere (not a small project). How we will put data as wavelets, e.g. topography, on a sphere efficiently (talk to Bernd Hamann)
  • Monterey Bay bathymetry

Nanotech Construction Kit

  • Add mineral parts to Nanotech (talk to Dawn Sumner)

Dynamics Viewer

  • Add gridded data to the Dynamics Viewer (talk to Louise Kellogg; Chris Ellison is working on this.)


  • Add sprites to Visualizer (talk to Louise Kellogg or Oliver Kreylos; Oliver may have to do this.)
  • Calculate volumes within surfaces
  • Save specific items created, e.g. slices, isosurfaces, etc. (talk to Oliver Kreylos)


  • Ambisonic sound (3D sound) and sound steering (talk to Jim Crutchfield)
  • Molecular assembly and energy minimization using sound (talk to Jim Crutchfield)

Computational steering for dynamics

  • steering during performances (talk to Jim Crutchfield)
  • Dawn's LineBugs™ (talk to Dawn Sumner or Jim Crutchfield)
  • dynamics generally (talk to Jim Crutchfield)
  • connecting visualization and number crunching (talk to Louise Kellogg)

Interfacing Python to drive visualizations

  • high level python commands that can run the VRUI visualization functions (talk to Jim Crutchfield; Ed Puckett is working on this)
  • call python from the C++ code (talk to Jim Crutchfield; Ed Puckett is working on this)

3D Work Environment

  • Develop the ability to save your VRUI workspace. This is easy to add for each individual application, but how should it be approached in the big picture? (talk to Oliver Kreylos, Jim Crutchfield, or Dawn Sumner)
  • Session management could be taken care of by something between programs and the VR system (talk to Oliver Kreylos, Jim Crutchfield, or Dawn Sumner)
  • Workflow in CAVES ¿ 2D linux desktop in CAVES

Video conference connection in CAVES

Measurement tools

  • curvature of a line
  • multiple measurements on view at once

Other Challenging Problems

  • Volumes of color data - a very difficult problem, but of high interest

Input Methods

  • Wireless gloves
  • Optical tracking: location and gestrual input
  • PDA as an input device w/ tracker
  • Tablet computer as an output device w/ stylus for input
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