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Publication opportunities

This is a place to post special issue announcements and other publication opportunities of interest to KeckCAVES scientists.

Geosphere Themed Issue: Advances in 3D Imaging and Analysis of Geomaterials. May be a good venue for manuscripts reporting results using Visualizer.

Guest Editors: Guilherme A.R. Gualda, Don R. Baker, Margherita Polacci,

For more than a century, the analysis of rocks and other Earth materials has been based on observations and measurements in two dimensions using the petrographic microscope and more recently the electron microscope. Observing 3D objects using 2D sections inherently limits our ability to understand these materials. In recent years, several techniques have emerged that allow for imaging Earth materials in three dimensions, including X-ray, neutron, and electron tomography; confocal microscopy; and serial sectioning. We invite contributions addressing advances in imaging and analysis of Earth materials in three dimensions, including applications that make use of these techniques to unravel relevant geological processes.

To submit a paper for this issue, please go to and be sure to note in your cover letter that this submission is for the “Advances in 3D Imaging and Analysis of Geomaterials” themed issue.


Annual meeting. Abstracts & papers generally due in late March

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