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ShowEarthModel is a tool for viewing point data (usually earthquake data) within the globe.

* Some Command Line Options:

  • -quakes earthquake-file-path-name: this option will read in the locations and magnitudes of earthquakes. Multiple files can be read in by repeating the -quakes option with another filename. The file format is the standard ANSS (Advanced National Seismic System) format with two header lines. The data lines have the following format (not all columns must be filled): year/month/dat time (HH:mm:ss:xx) Latitude, Longitude, Depth, Magnitude, Magnitude-type, Nst, Gap, Clo, RMS, SRC, Event ID. This data is current accessible at, but it seems this system will soon be replaced by a new USGS system called ComCast ( It appears that there's a script running on caveman that automatically downloads a new file with all events magnitude 5.0 and greater. This file on caveman is: /home/shared/Data/ScatteredData/EQ_events_all-5+.anss.
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