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  1. Turn on Samsung TV monitor (use remote control).
  2. Click the mouse to wake up the gray XI computer. (Turn computer on if it is off).
  3. Log into your account. If you don't have an account, ask someone who does to create one for you.
  4. Turn on the Vive Headset Double-click on the “Turn Vive On” icon. Then double click on the “Run Vive Tracker” icon. A window should appear with a bunch of command line script. You can largely ignore this window, but leave it open while the headset is running.
  5. Start a VR Application See starting a VR application. To get the application to run in the headset, type “” in the terminal before your application command

example: [lina@hmd ~]$ VruiSceneGraphDemo ShastaModel/GravityPoints.wrl

This will run the application “SceneGraphDemo” in the Vive headset and load the file “ShastaModel/GravityPoints.wrl”.

  1. Turn on the two hand controllers. They are black, the size of a remote control, but with a wierd circle at the end of them. They are also called “htc: vive pre”. There should be two, one for each of your hands. The on button is the first button you see above the word “htc”. It should have a little light below it, and a pictograph that looks like two rectangles on top of eachother.
  2. Put the Headset on your Head SLOWLY. Doing it quickly may cause motion sickness, so be careful. Start by putting the goggles/facemask part on your face, and then pull the straps over your head after your face is in place. Use the velcro straps to adjust and fit your head better. The headset can also be adjusted to fit your eyes. To get the best fit and reduce motion sickness, measure your eye-to-eye distance or “” (IPD). On the front-bottom right corner of the facemask/goggles is a little gray knob that can be turned to adjust the IPD of the headset. If the headset is already running, the IPD should display in VR as you adjust.
  3. Exiting your application While still in the headset, use the top menu button (with 3 horizontal lines on it) to access the main menu, and select “Vrui System” → “Quit Program”. Remove the headset slowly from your face.
  4. Turn off the tracker. Go to that window that you ignored earlier (, click it, and type Ctrl+ c.
  5. Turn off the Headset. On the desktop, double click “Turn Vive Off”. Double check that the view in the headset went dark. Rest the headset on the gray computer when finished.
  6. Charge the Hand Controllers If the battery is <40% (battery levels were shown in that tracking window), plug each hand controller into its charger.
  7. Log out of your account. On the desktop, top left corner: System → Log Out.
  8. Turn off the TV monitor. Use the remote control.

Next, see Using a VR Application

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