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Virtual Input Device Tool

The Virtual Input Device Tool allows the user to create and manipulate tools that are fixed in space relative to the physical coordinates of the CAVE.

If a user working in 3DVisualizer want to have a fixed cutting plane they can use the “Virtual Input Device Tool” to accomplish this. To do this:

From the main menu select:

   3D Visualizer menu
      > Vrui systems 
         > Create Input Device

Then again from the main menu select:

   3D Visualizer menu
      > Algorithms 
         > cutting plane

The user also needs to select a button to interact with the input device to do this select:

   > Tool Selection Menu 
      > User Interface 
         > Input Device Diver 
            > 6 – DOF Driver

Now select the top grey box on input device to make it green. And by moving the input device with the previously selected button select:

   > Locator 
      > 6 –DOF Locator

Finally turn the top green box grey and then green to use a fixed cutting plane. You can turn the cutting plane on and off by selected and de-selecting the top grey box of the Input Device.

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