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The idea behind vislets is to allow multiple programs to run simultaneously. Although only a few of these have been developed, long-term, various desktop-like features could be run in your background as vislets. From the command line, include -vislet <name of vislet>.


This vislet allows you to connect to a remote computer through a shared desktop metaphor. You need to set up the remote computer for file sharing, see using VruiVNC. Include the VncVislet on the command line:

Visualizer -vislet VncVislet ...

Add/remove the CAVES logo background

To start a program with the CAVES logo on the walls, include the vislet when starting the program from command line using -vislet CAVERenderer. For example, to start ClusterJello with the KeckCAVES logo vislet, type:

ClusterJello -vislet CAVERenderer


-x-y-z Axes

In 3DVisualizer it is often nice to have an x-, y-, and z- axes incorporated in the data set along with a scale bar. The x-,y-, and z- axes appear scaled to a one centimeter scale (although I believe the scale can be changed). To do this the you add a vislet (Scene Graph viewer) to the end of your command line with the appropriate .wrl file.

The Axes.wrl file described here can be found at


An example would look like:

3DVisualizer -class ImageStack <path/header file name> -vislet SceneGraphViewer Axes.wrl
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