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Starting The VR Headset

Turning on the big TV

The TV can be turned on (and off) in one of two ways: either using the power button on the remote (which is usually located on the desk somewhere underneath the TV), or using the power button on the TV itself. The latter is a touch button underneath the lower-right hand corner of the TV. Place a finger there and the TV will turn on or off.

Logging into the computer

Log in using your account name and password. Find your account name in the drop-down list, select it, and then enter your password into the text box and press Enter.

Starting the headset driver

Once you reach your desktop, there should be an icon called “Run Tracking Driver.” Double-click on that icon to start the driver. This will open a new terminal window, which will print a large amount of word salad. You can ignore most of that, but you need to leave the window open while using the headset.

Turning on the controllers

The controllers, typically located on the right-hand side of the desk and often plugged into their chargers, can be turned on by pushing the small power buttons on their handles, underneath the big touchpads. When turned on, a controller will beep, vibrate briefly, and an LED underneath the power button will start blinking. In addition, the headset driver's terminal window will print a status update indicating that a new controller has been connected, and it will also print the controller's current battery charge level. That's basically the only bit of information to which you should pay attention. If either of the controllers is plugged into its charging station, unplug it before using it.

A fully-charged controller will run for approximately six to eight hours before it dies.

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