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Shutting Down The VR Headset

After having left the final VR application and having put the headset and the controllers back down on the desk or the computer next to it (remember to never place the headset with lenses pointing up or down), you can shut down the headset driver by pressing Ctrl+C inside its terminal window, or simply by closing that window. Shutting down the driver will disable the headset's screen and shut down both controllers (which will beep and vibrate once in response).

Before you close the window, do a final check on the battery levels of both controllers. If either controller is low on charge, say below 50%, please plug both controllers into their chargers as a courtesy for the next user. The charging cables have micro-USB plugs that go into ports on the very ends of the controllers' handles.

Logging out

If you are done working for the day, please log out of your account and – importantly! – turn off the TV before you leave. The TV, being a TV, does not have an auto-off feature. If not turned off, it will stay on and use power until the next person comes in. You can turn the TV off via the power button on its remote control, or by placing a finger on the touch power button underneath its bottom-right hand corner. When turned off, the TV's screen will noticeably go black, even if it was showing a black picture before, and the red power LED on its lower-right hand corner will start glowing steadily.

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