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VruiConfig Documentation

Appendix 3: The VruiConfigDriver Environment

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The VruiConfigDriver script sets up a number of environment variables that communicate information to the ConfigVislet (on the master node only in a cluster environment; the slave nodes get their information directly from the master).

Then, a temporary directory is created to hold files that VruiConfigDriver uses for operation. This and other information is communicated to the ConfigVislet as follows: Environment Variable Description VRUI_CURRENT_CONFIG_FILE The full path to the currently in-use configuration file. VRUI_NEXT_CONFIG_FILE The full path to the next configuration file if the program is restarted. The file here is initially a copy of the file named by VRUI_CURRENT_CONFIG_FILE, but may be modified by ConfigVislet if the user chooses a new configuration before restarting. VRUI_CURRENT_COMMAND_FILE The full path to a file that contains a copy of the command line that started the currently running Vrui program. VRUI_NEXT_COMMAND_FILE The full path to an (initially) non-existent file. ConfigVislet writes a command line to this file to enable restarting (with that command). If the file still does not exist when the current Vrui program exits, then VruiConfigDriver also exits. VRUI_CONFIG_CONFIGS_DIR The full path to the VruiConfigurations/Configs directory. VRUI_CONFIG_SAVES_DIR The full path to the VruiConfigurations/Saves directory. This will be the same as VRUI_CONFIG_CONFIGS_DIR if the Saves does not exist. VRUI_CONFIG_FRAGS_DIR The full path to the VruiConfigurations/Frags directory. VRUI_CONFIG_COMMANDS_DIR The full path to the VruiConfigurations/Commands directory. VRUI_CONFIGFILE Identical in value to VRUI_CURRENT_CONFIG_FILE. This ensures that Vrui uses that file as its configuration file. HOSTNAME Set to the result of calling the Unix command hostname. Vrui requires this to be set to determine which configuration file section to be used.

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