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VruiConfig Documentation

This document describes the VruiConfig system for managing configurations of the Vrui software environment.

The VruiConfig system consists of four basic components:

  • VruiConfigDriver a shell script that provides the necessary shell context for ConfigVislet, and a restart mechanism so that new configurations and/or programs can be launched from within the Vrui environment.
  • VruiConfig file a simple Vrui program that presents the configuration environment.
  • ConfigVislet a Vrui vislet that implements the configuration environment.
  • VruiConfigurations a directory that contains definitions for standard configurations, configuration fragments and Vrui program launchers.

Subsequent sections detail each of these components.

The prerequisites for the VruiConfig system are:

  • Vrui-1.0 release 059 or later be installed on your system.
  • The code for the VruiConfig system be compiled for your installation of Vrui.
  • The ConfigVislet vislet be installed so that it is accessible to Vrui.
  • (Optional) The VruiConfigDriver shell script be on your executable path. If not, you can run VruiConfigDriver via its full path name.
  • (Optional) VruiConfig be on your executable path. If not, you can run VruiConfig via its full path name.

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