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The VruiConfigDriver Script

  Usage: VruiConfigDriver [ -safe ] Vrui_command_and_arguments...

VruiConfigDriver sets up an environment for reconfiguration and/or relaunching of programs from within the Vrui environment.

For any Vrui command that you would normally enter on the command line, simply prefix that command with “VruiConfigDriver” and the command will be launched in a reconfigurable environment. In this environment, you can open the ConfigVislet and, using that:

  • Quit Vrui and the VruiConfigDriver altogether, or
  • Select a new configuration for Vrui,
  • Apply zero or more configuration fragments to the selected Vrui configuration,
  • Choose a different program,
  • Restart Vrui with the selected program and configuration.

You can also save the current configuration (which might be the result of a previous selection of configuration+fragments). The saved configuration will then be available for later selection under the name ~Saved-Config-YYYY-mm-dd.HH.MM.SS where the YYYY-mm-dd.HH.MM.SS portion represents the current date and time.

The ConfigVislet Dialog

Configuration fragments are small configuration files that focus on one particular function or part of a whole configuration file. They are described in detail in Appendix 1 and an example is given in Appendix 2.

You can also launch VruiConfigDriver in “safe mode” by supplying the -safe command-line switch. This causes your program to be launched with a minimal configuration in Desktop mode. Here you can set up a new configuration in case your default configuration is malfunctioning.

By using VruiConfigDriver to launch your Vrui programs, you can stay in your VR environment and choose other programs or configurations without exiting your experience.

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