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h2 How to Reassign the Zoom Buttons on the Wand

If you accidently reset the yellow-red button combination for zooming the image, reassign the buttons by following these steps: # Hold down the yellow button # Go to the “NavigationTool” submenu # Go to the “WandNavigationTool” entry # While still holding the yellow button, press and release the red button # Release the yellow button while pointing at the “WandNavigationTool” entry

To be precise, it is only important to aim at the proper tool entry at the moment the yellow button is released.

In general, any multi-button tool can be selected in the above fashion. While the first button is held down, i.e., while the tool selection menu is visible, Vrui keeps track of any buttons pressed and released, and assigns those buttons to the finally selected tool in the order they were pressed. The WandNavigationTool, for example, expects two buttons: the first one enables grabbing navigation (rotation and translation); the second one toggles from grabbing navigation to scaling. Pressing the yellow button and then the red button assigns grabbing and scaling as in the default setting.

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