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  • July 22: Javier – Complex networks in ecology (e.g., nested matrices)
  • July 29: Elizabeth — Elizabeth presented some of her thesis work on methods for detecting communities in networks. The slides are available as a pdf file. groupmeeting29072008.pdf
  • Aug 12: Ongoing research summaries: 1) Soumen discussed his work with V. Filkov doing statistical analysis on biological networks. First an attribute vector is defined, spanning multiple network properties, then PCA is done to pick out most discriminating linear combination of features. Some initial results suggest eukaryotes and prokaryotes differ, but more biological data sets are needed to firmly conclude. 2) Daniel gave a great impromtu lecture on his airline networks research (details on “airnets” wiki section).
  • Aug 19: Paper discussion: “Structure of Business Firm Networks and Scale-Free Models” (emailed to all by Raissa).
  • Aug 26: Paper discussion: “Layered Complex Networks” M. Kurant and P. Thiran. Phys. Rev. Lett., 96, 138701 (2006).
  • Sep 9: Individual research meetings.
  • Oct 21: Research presentation, Soumen Roy: Recomb 08 submission –

“Predicting Organism Phenotypes from Network Topologies Using Complex Network Measures”

  • Oct 28: Briefings on progress.
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