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Dynamical Processes on Complex Networks


- Jan 12 meeting notes

- Jan 19 meeting Jan19notes

Open Problems

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Interesting articles

Social search in "small-world" experiments: an analysis of the “algorithmic small-world hypothesis” (that individuals are not only connected by short paths on average but can find such short paths) finds that the median path length found is small (~6-7 steps) but the mean is large (so some individuals cannot find each other using short paths). They suggest doing new experiments to determine whether this is because individuals use different search strategies, have different motivations or beliefs, or really are far apart in the network. [added by Charlie]

Aardvark A tool for finding answers in social networks.

DARPA Network Challenge Assembling teams to quickly find objects or solve problems in a distributed way.

Networking: Four ways to reinvent the Internet A February 3, 2010 article in Nature examines ways to relieve the mounting strain on the Internet.

Wired Magazine profile of Google's algorithms This article has some fascinating insight into Google's advances in parsing and semantics as well as updates of its PageRank algorithm.''

Networks in the NY Times! With critiques of the applicability of the Barabási model for the Internet. Scientists Strive to Map the Shape-Shifting Net

An update on the “sync” chapter I presented: chimera states, a mix of coupled and uncoupled oscillators, are a hot new area. See, e.g., or the recent paper by Martens, Strogatz, Laing [added by Charlie, 3/29/10]

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