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How To Get an Account

This document describes how to get an account on a research cluster managed by CSE.

Qualifying for an Account

We don't give accounts to just anyone. You must have a UC Davis affiliation and must be sponsored by an equipment owner.

Getting a UC Davis Affiliation

If you have a UC Davis Kerberos account you are done. If you don't you need to have a Faculty member sponsor your account. The easiest way to do this is to fill out a TAF. These are typically for researchers that don't have an affiliation or have a short affiliation with UC Davis. After the TAF is completed you can create a UC Davis Kerberos account.

Why do we require a UC Davis Affiliation?

The UC Davis Policies require it.

Getting Sponsorship from an Equipment Owner

This is really outside the scope of this document as it varies from person to person. Typically a PI gets a grant that includes a cluster, they buy it, we design/build/manage it, and you convince them to let you use it. Once you convince them you can use it you have them notify us and that qualifies as sponsorship.


We don't use passwords. We use your UCD Kerberos account wherever possible. For shell access we typically use SSH public key authentication. With public key authentication, you typically generate a key pair which is made up of a private key and matching public key. You keep the private portion, well, private. The public portion can be send over email, shared with your friends, and even published on the web.

After you generate your ssh key pair, please submit it to us using this form. Account generation is often handled within one business day, but could take several, so please be patient.

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