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SSH Keys and PuTTY

Once you have followed the instructions to generate an ssh key pair with puttygen.exe, here's how to configure a saved PuTTY session to connect to the Farm cluster.

(For one of our other clusters, just substitute the address “” with the address provided to you when your account was created.)

Open PuTTY, and then:

  • Under “Host Name (or IP address)” type in: “” (without quotes, and substitute your username where appropriate.)
  • Underneath that, make sure “SSH” is checked, which will set the port to “22”.
  • Under “Saved Sessions” type “Farm cluster” (or a similarly descriptive name) in the box.
  • Click “save” to the right. That should put your “Farm cluster” down in the box underneath Saved Sessions.
  • Click once to highlight “farm cluster” and click “Load”.
  • In the PuTTY menu to the left, go down to “SSH” and click the [+] to expand the menu, then select “Auth”.
  • To the right at the bottom find “Private key file for authentication:” and click “browse”. Locate your new private key file and select hit and hit OK.
  • In the menu to the left, go up to “Session” to return to the main PuTTY screen.
  • On the right, click “Save”.
  • Click once on “Farm cluster” again to highlight it, and click “Open” at the bottom of the PuTTY window to initiate the connection.


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