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Systems and Cluster Support

This is the documentation wiki for CSE systems and cluster support. It is maintained by the systems staff at CSE.


The administrative area is for documentation about various policies, HR procedures, forms, etc.


The systems area is for documentation about the systems, or physical and virtual machines, that staff maintains. This includes technical specifications for all servers, clusters, and networks. Find help for your specific cluster here.

High Performance Computing

The HPC area is for documentation about HPC-related topics. If you want to know how to submit a job using a batch queue or want to learn more about MPI you should go here.


The general area is for documentation of general use. We have a lot of experience in computing and this is an area for us to document our experiences, best practices, howtos, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

The FAQ area is for frequently asked questions. As you can imagine we tend to answer the same questions over and over. This will give people an opportunity to help themselves.

Contact Us

We have a contact page set up in case you need to reach us.

<h3>This wiki is deprecated and many parts of it are out of date. For current information about High Performance Computing, please see the new HPC Core Facility page: <a href=“”></a> .</h3>

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