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The Goto BLAS library is an optimized implementation of BLAS routines (Basic Linear Algebra Subprograms), developed by Kazushige Goto at the University of Texas at Austin. It provides an alternative to ACML, MKL, or SCSL. There is currently only the latest version (1.26) available.

Build Notes

The GotoBLAS library was built and installed using the following process.

$ tar zxvf GotoBLAS-1.26.tar.gz
$ mv GotoBLAS GotoBLAS-1.26
$ cd GotoBLAS-1.26
$ ./quickbuild.64bit
$ sudo cp libgoto_opteronp-r1.26.* /share/apps/GotoBLAS/
$ sudo ln -s /share/apps/GotoBLAS/libgoto_opteronp-r1.26.a /share/apps/GotoBLAS/libgoto.a
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