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Legacy BLAST

BLAST Basic Local Alignment Search Tool is a sequence homology search tool. Given a probe sequence (nucleotide or protein), BLAST compares it to a sequence database and picks out sequences with significant similarity to the probe sequence.


Below is a list of prerequisites for using BLAST:

To load BLAST type the following:

$ module load gcc blast

NCBI BLAST includes e.g. the following programs

  • blastall: normal BLAST searches (blastp, blastn, blastx, tblastn, or tblastx)

For help type blastall -

  • blastclust: clusters protein or DNA sequences based on pairwise matches found using the BLAST or MegaBLAST algorithm.
  • blastpgp: performs gapped blastp searches and can be used to perform iterative PSI-BLAST and PHI-BLAST searches.
  • bl2seq: performs a comparison between two sequences using the blast algorithm.
  • megablast: uses the greedy algorithm of Webb Miller et al. for nucleotide sequence alignment search and concatenates many queries to save time spent on scanning the database.
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