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Pathscale Compiler Suite

The Pathscale compiler suite is one of the industry leaders in commercial C, C++, and Fortran compilers. We have seen significant performance improvements from their compilers on some codes.


The only prerequisites to using the Pathscale compiler is a valid license.

Installed Versions

We support the latest Pathscale compiler. The following version is currently installed, tested, and available to licensees:

  • Pathscale 3.2


We currently have a single concurrent user license. This is used by many people on the following clusters:

If you would like access to this license please contact the admins about contributing to the costs.

Our current license covers both the C/C++ and Fortran compilers.


If you have access to the license and want to use the compiler you must run the following command:

module load compilers/pathscale-3.2


The documentation for the Pathscale compiler is available in the man pages on the machines where it is installed and on Pathscale's website.

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