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This page is for CMS-specific terminology and software acronyms. It may be useful to help navigate the alphabet soup that is CMS.


These are the organizations and/or projects that are related to this project.

= CERN : [[|The European Association for Nuclear Research]] is the world's largest particle physics laboratory and borders France and Switzerland.
= LHC : The [[|Large Hadron Collider]] is the world's largest and the highest-energy particle accelerator complex.
= CMS : The [[|Compact Muon Solenoid]] is one of two large general-purpose particle physics detectors built on the proton-proton LHC.
= USCMS : [[|CMS project at the United States]]
= OSG : [[|Open Sciences Grid]] is a US distributed computing grid for data-intensive research
= FNAL : [[|Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory]] organizes the USCMS group.
= SLAC : [[|Stanford Linear Accelerator Center]] is a United States Department of Energy National Laboratory operated by Stanford University.
= DOE : United Stats Department of Energy provides [[|personal and server certificates]] their website.
= UCD : [[|University of California, Davis]]
= HEP : [[|High Energy Physics group at UC Davis]]

Linux Distributions

There are a few linux distributions that may be used with CMS. We have decided to go with SLC5.

= Redhat : Redhat is a popular, commercial linux distribution.
= CentOS : A free Redhat derivative.
= SL : Scientific Linux is a Redhat derivative similar to CentOS.
= SLC : Scientific Linux CERN is a SL derivative that is distributed by CERN.
= Debian : A free linux distribution
= Ubuntu : A Debian-derivative that has become popular for Desktops and Servers.

Package Managers

This project uses quite a few different package managers.

= RPM : Redhat Package Manager
= APT : Debian's Advanced Packaging Tool
= PACMAN : Yet another [[|PACkage MANager]] that is used primarily to install OSG software.
= yum : A sysadmin tool used to update RPM packages on a Redhat-derived distribution
= apt-get : A sysadmin tool used to update APT packages on a Debian-derived distribution
= module : A environment management tool used to load a software package into your shell environment
= puppet : A configuration management tool used to install packages and configurations
= VDT : The [[|Virtual Data Toolkit]] is an ensemble of grid middleware that includes condor, osg, and other components.


There are many security-related acronyms and phrases you should become familiar with.

= SSL : Secure Socket Layer is a cryptographic protocol which provide reasonably secure communications.
= CA : Certificate Authority is a third party that issues digital certificates to be used for identification and encryption.
= SSH : Secure SHell is a protocol used for encrypted remote access.

HPC Technologies

The following is grid-related software and terminology.

= OSG : [[|Open Sciences Grid]] is an organization and software that provides a computing facility and services that integrate distributed, reliable and shared resources to support computation at all scales. 
= Condor : [[|Condor]] is a batch queuing system used in HPC.
= MPI : Message Passing Interface is a scalable library used to communicate between processes.
= EGEE : [[|Enabling Grids for E-sciencE]] aims to build on recent advances in grid technology and develop a service grid infrastructure.
= Squid : [[|Squid]] is a HTTP proxy server that is used for caching HTTP requests to the CMS FroNTier service.

CMS/LHC Databases, Websites, and Services

= SiteDB : [[|SiteDB]] is a database and web interface that CMS uses to track site's and the people responsible for maintaining them.
= PLUS : Cern provides a [[|Public Login User Service]] for CERN users. This is essentially a unix shell on CERN's network.
= SAM : Service Availability Monitoring (for [[|squid]])
= Kerberos : Kerberos is used for single sign on authentication services throughout CERN.
= AFS : [[|Andrew File System]] is a distributed network filesystem.

Tier3 Components

= CMSSW : The overall collection of [[|CMS Software]] is called: CMSSW.
= FroNTier : [[|FronTier]] distributes data from central databases. The data travels through "Tiers". This is essentially a squid proxy server.
= PhEDEx : [[|PhEDEx]]
= CRAB : [[|Cms Remote Analysis Builder]]
= DBS : [[|Dataset Bookkeeping System]]
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