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Compilers and Interpreters

The section describes the compilers that are available on this cluster.

Software Package Version License Module Name Prerequisites Notes
GCC 4.7.1,4.7.2 GPL gcc/4.7.1,gcc/4.7.2 MPFR, MPC, and GMP C, C++, and Fortran support
Open64 5.0 GPL open64/5.0 Open64 C, C++, and Fortran
Go 1.0.2 GPL go/1.0 Go Programming Language
Python 3.6.8 Open-Source python3/3.6.8

Mathematics and Statistical tools

R 3.4.4/3.1.0 GPL R/3.4.4,R/3.1.0 R Project for Statistical Computing
Matlab 7.14 Commercial matlab/7.14 Numerical Computing Environment

Job Schedulers

We currently only have one job scheduler in use on this cluster: SLURM. A job scheduler allows an administrator to set up and enforce a policy on utilizing cluster resources. Bypassing the job scheduler is considered malicious and jobs will be killed if they are not submitted through the batch queue.

Software Package Version License Module Name Prerequisites Notes
SLURM 2.6.2 GPL n/a none SLURM commands
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