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TRIBE Documentation

Tribe is a general-purpose beowulf cluster used by researchers in many disciplines. This page documents the hardware, software, and policies surrounding this resource. The announcement archives are available online.


Announcement notifications are sent to an series of internally maintained mailing list. If you are a user of tribe you will be added to the proper lists automatically. Non-users are not currently supported. The general announcement archives are available online. There are also archives for the ethernet interconnect nodes and the Infinipath interconnect nodes. Please note that if you are on the tribe-eth-announce list or the tribe-ib-announce list you will get the general announcements as well.


You can monitor the cluster using the tribe ganglia interface. With the ganglia interface you can monitor just the nodes associated with your jobs. Just click on the “Job Queue” link and look for your job id. We collect a lot of data and you can look at things like memory usage, load average, disk activity, network activity, etc.


There are policies surrounding using tribe. We will document them on this page asap.


Any software that is available in CentOS is also available for installation or already installed on this cluster. This provides the majority of the software that is installed. We have found that to be insufficient for some and in many cases we compile and install our own software packages. These custom packages include compilers, mpi layers, open source packages, commercial packages, etc. These are installed in /share/apps and are available to all nodes in the cluster. We have set up a page that has details on the current software configuration.

Operating System

This cluster currently runs Rocks which is maintained by folks at UC San Diego. Rocks is known as an integration which allows automated installation of various Redhat-based Linux distributions. We currently have Rocks 5.0 installed with CentOS 5.2 as our base distribution.


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