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YMIR Documentation

This page documents the hardware, software, and policies surrounding this resource.


ymir cpu load Here are also the most recent events on the cluster:

Operating System

This cluster currently runs Ubuntu 18.04 for the x86-64 with custom additions by CSE. The major customizations include (but are not limited to) ganglia, OpenMPI, cobbler, slurm, and puppet.


Requests for any centrally installed software should go to Any software that is available in CentOS is also available for installation or already installed on this cluster. This provides the majority of the software that is installed. We have found that to be insufficient for some and in many cases we compile and install our own software packages. These custom packages include compilers, mpi layers, open source packages, commercial packages, HDF, NetCDF, WRF, and others. We have set up a page that has details on the current software configuration. We use Environment Modules to manage the environment. A quick into:

  • To get a list of available applications and libraries - module avail
  • To setup your command line or script based environment - module load <directory/application>

Documentation on some of the custom installed software is at HPC Software Documentation.


The hardware for ymir is made up of the following:

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