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CMS software configuration:

$ source /share/apps/cmssoft/

$ voms-proxy-init -voms cms

Install CMSSW project in a directory:

$ cmsrel CMSSW CMSSW_6_0_0

(cmsrel is an alias of scramv1 project CMSSW CMSSW_6_0_0)

$ cd CMSSW_6_0_0/src

$ cmsenv

(cmsenv is an alias for scramv1 runtime -csh)

Crab Configuration:

$ source /opt/crab/

Modify the CRAB configuration file crab.cfg according to your needs: a fully documented template is available at $CRABPATH/full_crab.cfg, a template with essential parameters is available at $CRABPATH/crab.cfg .

Crab Commands: Validate the CMSSW config file:

$ crab -validateCfg

CRAB supports a command line help:

crab -h

Check availability of the selected dataset and prepare all the jobs for submission according to specifications in crab.cfg.

The creation process creates a CRAB project directory (default: crab_0__) in the current working directory

$ crab -create

Submit all jobs:

$ crab -submit

Check the status of the jobs:

$ crab -status

Retrieve the output of all jobs with status done:

$ crab -getoutput all

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