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Create one table for each host showing the metrics that are enabled to run against that host:

$ rsv-control –list

To view the current, running state of RSV jobs:

$ rsv-control –job-list

The ST field indicates the current job status:

  • R = the metric is currently running
  • I = the metric is idle and will be run at the next scheduled interval
  • Consumers will always appear to be running

Update the status of a metric that had a problem instead of waiting until the next scheduled run time:

$ rsv-control –run –host HOST METRIC [ METRIC2 …]

$ rsv-control –run –host org.osg.general.osg-version

Run all enabled metrics:

$ rsv-control -r –all-enabled

Enable a metric:

$ rsv-control –enable –host HOST METRIC [ METRIC2 …]

Disable a metric:

$ rsv-control –disable –host HOST METRIC [ METRIC2 …]

Run basic checks of RSV:

$ rsv-control –verify

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